good wishes

  • undergo hypnosis in order to quit smoking
  • get a vaccination with a needleless syringe
  • become CEO of a corporation and set a policy of profit-sharing with all employees
  • find a message in a bottle floating in the ocean
  • close a flamenco bar in Granada, Spain
  • see the catacombs of Alexandria
  • own a standing globe
  • visit George Washington's home at Mount Vernon
  • visit the ruins of Tikal, Guatemala
  • attend the Cottonwoods Festival in Casper, Wyoming
  • live and work in Beijing for a year
  • see a man get pregnant
  • watch the sea lions at play from the Cliff House in San Francisco
  • own a frost-free refrigerator

The Wish List is a quirky and inspirational to-do list meant to plant seeds for new experiences and goals.