wisdom well

  • look at everything in yourself as though in another person
  • never think that you have done your fair share of good
  • a sure way to feel well is to sleep well
  • move forward, not backwards
  • there is a difference between news and gossip
  • Happiness is more like knowledge than like belief. There are lots of things we believe but don't know. Knowledge is not just up to you, it requires the cooperation of the world beyond you. You might be mistaken. Still, even if you're mistaken, you believe what you believe. Pleasure is like belief that way. But happiness isn't just up to you. It also requires the cooperation of the world beyond you. Happiness, like knowledge, and unlike belief and pleasure, is not a state of mind.
  • your greatest contribution to the sum of things is yourself
  • use a good mind well
  • move around a room with style
  • take some time off
  • life is made up of surprises
  • cry if it makes you feel better
  • love life
  • the customer is always right

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