• Eckhart Tolle has described, in The Power of Now, how women tend to be closer to enlightenment than men. That's why the Tao is described by Lao Tzu in female terms, as infinite, eternally present, the mother of the universe. Masculine mind energy is hard and focused; feminine being energy is soft and inclusive. Men who find their hidden reserves of being energy will find that new pathways open up inside themselves. Women who let their being energy pour forth unhindered, without trying to emulate male focus, will blossom into their true, loving, questing selves.
  • During your morning meditation, prepare for the day by imagining the energy of the cosmos flowing into all of your being. Reflect on the day ahead. Imagine giving your appreciation, attention, energy, and kindness in every interaction without seeking anything in return.
  • By observing your desires, you'll eventually gain the strength to resist foods that are not in your best interest.
  • We are developing a mind that doesn't try to possess anything, doesn't try to label everything.


Set the timer for a silent meditation that starts and ends with bells.



Self-Meditation shows just how we can, and could, meditate anytime, anywhere. There are breaths to take, praises to give, and ways to slow down and smell the roses.