• You have to do the work, no one else can do it for you.
  • Meditate on forgiveness to yourself. If there are ways you have harmed yourself or not loved yourself or not lived up to your own expectations, this is the time to let go of the unkindness you feel toward yourself. Say, for all of the ways I have harmed or hurt myself, knowingly or unknowingly, I offer forgiveness. You can do this as part of your daily meditation and let your intention to forgive yourself work over time.
  • Begin your walk with your whole body attentive to experience. Feel the temperature of the air on your skin. If there is a breeze, feel it press against you. Smell the air. Listen to the sounds around you. Imagine that your eyes are a wide-angle camera lens and let them receive a panoramic view. Feel your whole body moving through space. Notice how all parts of the body are naturally, unselfconsciously involved. No planning is needed for walking. Walking happens. Feel the walk with your whole body. Attend to the sensations. You can move your focus to different things and this will help you maintain composure. Stay alert.
  • Staying calm and paying attention are key to resolving differences and misunderstandings.


Set the timer for a silent meditation that starts and ends with bells.



Self-Meditation shows just how we can, and could, meditate anytime, anywhere. There are breaths to take, praises to give, and ways to slow down and smell the roses.

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