• Want nothing. where there is desire, say nothing.
  • Try not to focus your mind anywhere particular, but rather let it fill all of your body. Let it flow through your whole being. You will find you spontaneously use your hands when necessary and legs or eyes when needed without wasting time and energy.
  • When you see your worries from a more objective place and also see that they don't help, you can learn to let them go. It takes time. Chronic worrying is an addiction.
  • Bow (mentally or physically) to the person you are fighting with. Let yourself relax. Lower your level of hostility. Break the chain of anger.


Set the timer for a silent meditation that starts and ends with bells.



Self-Meditation shows just how we can, and could, meditate anytime, anywhere. There are breaths to take, praises to give, and ways to slow down and smell the roses.