• Light a candle at dinner and between bites, stop and concentrate on the flame.
  • There is a way to erase some of our negative karma - purification. This requires understanding that you have behaved badly in the past and that you must take full responsibility for this behavior. Then you must sincerely regret and repent your negative actions and promise yourself to try not to behave badly again. Finally, try to perform only positive, virtuous actions from now on.
  • The scriptures, of various religions, offer their wisdom in the form of countless insights. What are we to do with these? One answer is to treat these words of wisdom as seeds, which you need to plant in the fertile soil of the heart. There they will grow and create a divine garden within yourself. Here you will spend your happiest hours.
  • Take a few moments to experience the sensation of simply standing well. Stand barefoot with your feet shoulder-width apart, stomach muscles engaged, and the rest of your body relaxed. Spread your toes widely to feel a sense of connection with the earth. Visualize roots growing downward from your feet. At the same time, imagine there's a fine thread pulling you upward from the crown of your head. Enjoy these opposing but complementary feelings: deep stability and graceful lightness.


Set the timer for a silent meditation that starts and ends with bells.



Self-Meditation shows just how we can, and could, meditate anytime, anywhere. There are breaths to take, praises to give, and ways to slow down and smell the roses.