karma cabin

  • smile at people - it will unclench your teeth and relax your face
  • live with passion
  • make amends to those you've harmed
  • to meditate, sit comfortably with your back straight, head erect, and chin tucked in slightly
  • try eye compresses of zucchini soaked in chamomile or ginseng tea
  • spray your sheets with favorite bedtime scents
  • make a trip to the library on a gloomy day
  • respect every person, no matter how miserable or ridiculous he or she may be
  • a vegetarian diet uses approximately fifteen times less water than a meat-based diet
  • karma means you don't get away with anything
  • act consciously and intentionally
  • do squats (also called Crow Pose), extending your arms in front, hands clasped; hold for one to three minutes
  • shun evil
  • open yourself to the way your life is rather than how you imagine it should be

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