karma cabin

  • give anonymously to charity
  • continually analyze and observe yourself
  • baby-sit for free
  • don't drink and drive
  • say a centering prayer
  • become aware of your inner energy through the Zen technique of circular breathing
  • tame your appetite
  • accept the day's weather
  • offer assistance if you see a neighbor having a problem
  • use plants as air purifiers: areca palm, lady palm, Boston fern, English ivy, and the rubber plant
  • welcome well-behaved children
  • eat mainly "free-range" meats, and in moderation
  • take the time to wait; dawdle in the present tense
  • go to a church and light a candle

Instant Karma is a universe of things a reader can do, right now, to cultivate good karma. Each is a seemingly little thing that can make life richer and happier.