karma cabin

  • be willing to learn new things
  • backtrack to discover where a thought came from
  • do the qigong "Scoop the Stream" exercise
  • buy a roll of colored stickers and stick them on kids you know
  • learn a language other than your native one
  • get a cereal variety pack for kids having a sleepover
  • celebrate the holidays of all the religions
  • accept the day's weather
  • how much of your hard-earned money gets thrown away on the temporary pleasure of stuff?
  • one voice can share wisdom
  • live your ideals
  • list ten things you can do to add beauty to your life that cost little or no money
  • what matters most is what the mind takes in, feeds on, and puts back out into the world
  • seek harmony

Instant Karma is a universe of things a reader can do, right now, to cultivate good karma. Each is a seemingly little thing that can make life richer and happier.