happy house

  • a clipping basket for flowers
  • unglamorous things like small gestures of kindness, learning poems by heart, coping with having the wrong sort of nose, being polite, doing the laundry
  • karma: the key to understanding happiness
  • the tendency of fitted sheets to lose their grip and roll up the mattress
  • spinning till you get dizzy
  • planting perennials in your garden
  • a freshly made BLT
  • the endless permutations of snowflakes
  • undauntedness of adventurers
  • a somber montage of knee-high drifts of powdery snow and silver-colored storm clouds overhead
  • a butterfly running into you
  • a solitary, contemplative art
  • letting the fruits of the earth linger on your tongue
  • beetle brown, sea lion brown, potato brown, camel brown, mud brown, pancake brown, pretzel brown, peanut butter brown, caramel brown, deer brown, chocolate brown, meatball brown, root beer brown, cinnamon brown, freckle brown, cardboard brown, kangaroo brown, football brown, barbecue sauce brown, bear brown

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