• timing, tactics, spirit, mental attitude
  • owning a first edition, a book of poetry by a single author, an autographed book, and a leather-bound edition
  • bracken and eucalyptus
  • when friends tell you things they are happy about
  • the glass being half full
  • dogs' circling before they sit coming from their ancestors' need to trample down brush to make a place to lie down
  • seeing the mysterious Marfa Lights in West Texas

14,000 things to be happy about is a bestseller with over 1.25 million copies in print, celebrating all the little things in life. Without plot or rhyme, explanation or footnote, these entries conjure up the rich evocative effect of an epic poem, proving that the little things are what make life worth living. The 25th anniversary edition has 4,000 new entries and many revisions.